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Touch Typing Program

What can Touch Typing do for me?

Increase your typing speed right now
If you have ever wanted to type without looking down at your keyboard, Touch Typing Software is the perfect answer for you. Highly recommended, this software is a fun interactive guide that will help you through the painstaking process of learning how to type professionally - super-fast.

Learn to touch type

What can i achieve from Touch Typing?

You will be able to:

1. Type as fast as you read.
2. Type professionally without looking down at your keyboard.
3. Concentrate on the content and not on the typing process.
4. Respond emails fast and efficient.
5. Get your work completed faster.
6. Visit more chat rooms and actually contribute to the discussions.
7. Become an international speed typist.

Who can benefit from Touch Typing?

Knowing to type is good for everyone who uses a computer and wants to improve the productivity and accuracy from their work. This course is a MUST for every student, business man, secretary or anyone who wastes too much time, trying to locate the keys on their keyboard while typing e-mails, letters, or business documents!

Touch Typing now advantages

1. Interactive Video based Training
2. 3-D On-Screen Keyboard - variety of keyboard styles
3. Quick & Easy Learning - 19 lessons from home keys to advanced keyboarding
4. On-Line Practice via the Internet with other touch type learners
5. Typing Speed Testing
6. Typing Accuracy Testing
7. Improve your Typing through games
8. Use inbuilt or custom speed and accuracy tests
9. Multiple learner profiles, password protection on login
10. History, speed & accuracy recording and printouts


Touch Type

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Touch Typing Online

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touch typing software